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Last updated 20/08/2006

"...Failed to initialize VBox ..."


I have found this link which seems to support the implication of expired freeware/shareware software in the above error when running IE6.

Some programmes I have spotted associated with Vbox are CorelDraw10 Trial, PowerQuest, Norton trial versions (including antivirus), VirusMD Personal Firewall, the already mentioned Visio 2000 and various Adobe products.

The following has been noted as working in the newsgroup alt.windows98 by a contributor called "Dave":

"...I moved the Vbox subdirectory from the C:\windows directory to an alternate
partition for safekeeping. It contains the vbox ini file, digitally signed license, files for recovering a faulted download, and installation files...."

I'm afraid that only you know what shareware or time limited or preview software you have or have had installed that is now coming back to haunt you.