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Newdotnet sues Lavasoft (makers of AdAware)


This software has been implicated in LOTS of problems since its release including:


IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in module Unknown

SAVENOW executed an invalid instruction in module Unknown

RUNDLL32 caused an invalid page fault in module Unknown

Cannot find newdot~1.dll

Error loading c:\windows\newdot~3.dll

RUNDLL32 has caused an error in newdotnet3_20.dll


Invalid page fault error message when using Internet Explorer - 826718;EN-US;Q826718


Error message with Napster or installed on your computer - 814222

Affecting the following impressive list of hardware:

Microsoft Broadband Network Utility
Microsoft Broadband Networking 10 100 Ethernet 5 Port Switch MN150
Microsoft Broadband Networking 10 100 Ethernet Notebook Adapter MN120
Microsoft Broadband Networking 10 100 Ethernet PCI Adapter MN130
Microsoft Broadband Networking 10 100 Ethernet USB Adapter MN110
Microsoft Broadband Networking 10 100 Ethernet Wired Base Station MN100
Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless Base Station MN500
Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless Desktop Kit MN610
Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless Notebook Adapter MN520
Microsoft Broadband Networking Wireless Notebook Kit MN620;EN-US;Q814222

Other errors:


WAOL caused an invalid page fault in module <unknown>

Iexplore caused an invalid page fault in newdotnet4_.dll

Error loading c:\program~1\newdot~1\newdot~2.dll


_INS5576 error message when you are installing ActiveSync 3.0 or 3.1 - 299393;EN-US;Q299393

msbb.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close - 317714;EN-US;Q317714

Dungeon Siege: "has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message when you try to connect by using the ZoneMatch server" - 323953;EN-US;Q323953

Other problems with the software (requiring hot fixes from MS):


"Proxy client conflict with third party providers causes problems" - 303757;EN-US;Q303757

"Firewall client conflict with third party layered service providers causes connectivity problems" - 303379;EN-US;Q303379



If New.Net software is not removed PROPERLY your computer may not be able to access the internet.  In such cases, LSPFix may help.  An older version of AdAware did not remove software properly, leaving unfortunate users unable to access the internet.


According to the newdotnet software is/was installed with the software mentioned in the newsgroup message saved HERE.


In summary, as at 29 December 2002 newdotnet is installed with iMesh, KaZaA, Mindset Interactive (NetPalNow), RadLight, Real Networks (RealOne Player) and Subtitle Studio.


It used to be installed with Babylon, BearShare, Cydoor (LingoWare), GDivx, Go!Zilla, Grokster, Webshots, Earthlink(?), Juno(?)


As at April 2003 it was included with Bikinidesk, Cliprex (Lite) Dgivx, Grokster (no opt-out), Imesh (no opt-out), MetaMachine (Edonkey 2000), Neonapster (no opt-out), Radlite (Standard and Subtitle Studio), RealOne Player, EasyFreeWebCam

Privacy Statement (last updated 8 November 2003)


I recommend people do not use because of terms such as the following:


Copied from on 8 November 2003.


"....Information we gather

"...such as your IP address, type of browser and operating system, unique software ID, version of software, internal software status indicators...., a tag that identifies any distribution partner from whom you may have downloaded or installed the Software, and keyword and error search queries entered into your browser....Using an end-user's anonymous IP address, may also derive the end user's ISP and country of the end-user's point of connectivity to the Internet.


When we disclose the infromation we gather

...we may provide such information to certain of our Partners....while we encourage our Partners to adhere to our Privacy Policy, we are not responsible for their acts or omissions, including the manner in which they use the information that they received from we reserve the right to disclose any information concerning you if you violate any of our published guidelines, or as required by law, or to defend our rights or the rights and well-being of our end-users, or if you are involved (or are reasonably suspected to be involved) in any illegal activity even without a subpoena, warrant or court order...."


Uninstall advice and general information:

Uninstall information is available here:


Other sites discussion newdotnet software include the following:


Lots of problems between and various softwares listed


Also here:


Update (18 December 2003) support are still  in the newsgroups, posting using GOOGLE, saying that they are not 'spyware' (I call them foistware) and taking exception to people who are critical of their software.  The person I corresponded says their user tracking is no worse than web page counters (if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell....)  I am yet to see a web page counter that causes as many problems on computer systems as FOISTWARE causes.  I also have not seen technical support for any web page counter spend so much time posting to newsgroups and web based technical support forums trying to clean up the mess caused by their software!!


Update (28 December 2002) support appeared in the microsoft.public newsgroups, and elsewhere (I've spotted them in the Lavasoft and spywareinfoforum support groups), saying that their software is not spyware, and that the information being provided on how to remove their software is incorrect.


Despite their contention that they provide full disclosure as part of the install, all the people I have had contact with had no idea that the software was on their systems.  All they knew is their computers were not working.


The fact that AdAware had removed the software from their signature lists, and no longer detected it was being cited as a proof that there is, basically, nothing wrong with their software.  On reading the Lavasoft support site, it seems that the decision to remove detection of software was unpopular.  I also read that was is being tested for possible inclusion in AdAware 6.


I note that Leonard Amabile, Director of Customer Support, has stated that uses 'unique' user identification numbers, something I don't like.

(Copy of relevant page saved here)


Update (21 May 2003)

Things seem to be getting nasty between AdAware and New.Net. It seems that New.Net is suing Lavasoft for putting detection of its software (back) into its popular AdAware software and making various comments about software:


A search on 22 February 2004 reveals that a scheduling conference was due to be held on 18 February: