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For those of you who are leaving AOL, you will find a lot of information about exporting your old favorites etc here:


Check out THIS LINK for advice about Buddylinks infection via AOL Instant Messenger.

As a general rule, removing AOL's adapters from your computer will fix problems accessing the internet after installing AOL's nightmare software.  See here for AOL removal instructions (and screen shots):


A few KB regarding AOL and 'issues'  it causes with IE, OE and the operating system follow:


Cannot Browse the Internet Using Internet Explorer While Connect [Q238550];EN-US;Q238550


Mipmapi.dll error (Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close....);EN-US;Q821403 

Frequently asked questions about AOL and Windows ME:;EN-US;Q299829


"Page cannot be displayed" after upgrading to WindowsME:;EN-US;Q274498


Explorer caused an invalid page fault in csloa.dll;EN-US;Q306404


Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site... [Q175722];EN-US;Q175722

AOL 5 in Windows 95 Causes Problems for Other DUN Connections [Q244252]


Problems Connecting to AOL or Shutting Down Your Computer [Q276197]


OLEXP: AOL News and E-mail Servers Not Compatible [Q181429]


One newsgroup user was only able to get his computer working after doing the following:


Remove the 8 registry entries as mentioned in;EN-US;Q241344


Then remove all AOL programs and remove dial up networking and TCP/IP via Communications.  Then reinstall DUN and TCP/IP and then AOL.