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Downloading a programme or document triggers Quicktime

Quicktime has released an updated version compatible with IE5.5 SP2 and IE6. Uninstall the older version of Quicktime. You will, of course, need to reinstall QuickTime with a version compatible with your IE version.

Trying to download opens a blank page with an icon in the corner
Cannot download programme files (EXE) / "The plugin did not initialize"

Blank Web Page with Placeholder Icon and You Cannot Save a File to Disk;EN-US;q316537

Note that Quicktime is not the only programme that can cause problems when trying to download files using Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or IE6 - see the article:

Netscape-Style Plug-ins Do Not Work After Upgrading Internet Explorer [Q303401]

Therefore, if you are having problems, have a look at ..\downloaded program files if you are having problems downloading EXE files (accessed via IE, Tools, Internet Options, General tab, Temporary Internet Files Settings button, View Objects button). Selectively delete any third party plugins that you find there (noting what you have removed and testing after every deletion), and remove any corresponding entry in the Registry Key mentioned in KB316537.

If you are unable to resolve your particular problem as described in this article's title, ask in the newsgroups for further assistance. Also, if you are not sure what the plugin is BEFORE deleting, ask first. We don't want you deleting something essential that is not easily replaced.